Sample Setups from Past Events
Click on each picture to see samples of what RRtheVoice Productions has to offer!

Add an elegant touch to your event with a custom gobo in the monogram or design of your choice.

A sample dance floor setup.

Ceremony sound is provided in the most unobtrusive manner possible - providing full, clear coverage out of the way of photography.

Your first dance is one of the most important highlights of the evening after the "I Do's". Lighting is set to a level that is romantic yet appropriate and accommodating to your photographers to ensure that the focus is on no one but you!

The complete, all-inclusive package! Scrims, RezoTubes, color-changing uplighting, and a custom monogram provide you and your guests with that WOW factor that will keep them excited and on your floor all night!


BUBBLES?! We got 'em! Add that old-school Lawrence Welk look to your event or celebrate the Prom King and Queen's dance in a special way! (Availability dependent on type of flooring at venue.)

For events with activities placed both inside and outside or in separate rooms, extra speakers can be run so all guests can hear announcements - and be drawn to the floor when their favorite song comes on!

RRtheVoice Productions utilizes computerized, DMX-controlled dance floor lighting on one to four trees that tower up to twelve feet above the dance floor for a dazzling array of washes and special effects. The result is one of the largest arrays of dance floor lighting in Central Texas - and that's before uplighting and add-ons!

MARQ RezoTubes

RezoTubes are a fun way to add a Vegas-style effect and an extra splash of color to the front of the dance floor. Over 30 chase patterns, millions of color capabilities and the ability to sync with the other lights make this a popular add-on at Proms and parties alike!

Lighting can be used to set the mood from romantic to full-on party mode no matter how plain or decorated the venue may be.

Lighting can be strategically placed anywhere.

Combine uplighting and pinspotting to make your cake - or any other important elements - a focal point in your venue.

A combination of dance floor lighting and uplighting creates a colorful burst of energy for you and your guests.

Even during the day, uplighting can transform and add a touch of class to any venue.

Any elements of a room can be enhanced with lighting. You are not limited to a series of lights pointed straight up the wall!

In venues where traditional uplighting is made difficult by wall color or decor, unique features of the room may be highlighted instead.

Lighting can bring to the forefront unique elements of your venue that might not otherwise be noticed.

Uplighting the bar area allows bar staff to better see with minimal need to turn on or raise house lights.

Have a special performer at some point during the evening? No problem! RRtheVoice Productions can currently accommodate one extra microphone and one instrument into the main system, eliminating the need for a separate sound system for a guest singer.

RRtheVoice Productions carries several pinspots on hand to highlight cakes or other important areas.

Game Day! For venues with an inadequate or no house PA system, RRtheVoice Productions provides up to four full-size speakers so athletes and fans alike can hear announcements and music with clarity.

Use uplighting on walls, columns, backdrops or unique elements of the room.

RRtheVoice Productions currently carries 24 dedicated uplights and seven fixtures easily convertible into secondary uplights, all of which can be set to the color scheme of your choice.

Uplighting columns.

Dance floor lighting and gobo monogram.

Softball PA setup.