Mention the words Mobile DJ and what comes to mind?  The high school kid down the street with an iPod and an ancient sound system trying to make a couple of bucks?  Images of drunken neighborhood street parties?  That guy with the big creepy van that has huge pictures of turntables, jewelry, lightning bolts and his face all over it?  The carnival barker that talks over all your songs incessantly, feigning excitement - or even worse, begs and pleads for guests to come to the floor?
...basically, the last man you'd want anywhere NEAR your wedding?!
RRtheVoice Productions does away with all of that.  From the moment the date of your event is put on his calendar, Jon will work nonstop with you and in partnership with your other vendors to ensure that every facet of your event is executed to your specifications.  RRtheVoice Productions is often one of the first to arrive at the venue on the day of your event and the last to leave, as anything less than a completely professional setup is unacceptable regardless of how elaborate or how simple your chosen package is.
Many, many DJ's are content to perform an event with one set of four lights set to random all night, barely over the heads of those in the front row... if they have lights at all.  Wires may hang everywhere.  Cords may lie unsecured dangerously across the floor.  Lighting plays an integral part in an RRtheVoice Production - even the standard dance floor lighting package for a wedding or large dance uses no less than ten fixtures, and in some cases may use upwards of sixteen.  In most venues the lights are raised over eleven feet off the ground!  Combine that with dazzling uplighting and monogram options and you'll soon see why RRtheVoice Productions is one of the fastest growing DJ services in the Waco area.
Some DJ's focus all of their attention on the music and very little on the emcee side of the production.  This sometimes results in a boring or monotonous delivery of the couple's grand entrance, or otherwise fails to draw attention or bring excitement to what is going on in the room.  As an established PA announcer, Jon knows the importance of the speaker's role at an event and will deliver all announcements in the appropriate tone - eliminating the need to pay double for a separate DJ and emcee.
When considering a DJ for your next event, ask yourself a few questions.  Will your DJ be affordable without being "cheap"?  Professional?  Will he pay attention to detail?  Will the DJ focus solely on a newly married couple instead of hanging signs, advertising and drawing attention to himself?  Does he know music, and will he play what you and your guests want to hear and dance to?  Does he have quality equipment and a backup plan in case something malfunctions?  Is he insured?  Will he do everything in his power to make sure your event goes as perfectly as possible?  With RRtheVoice Productions, the answer to all of these questions and more can be a resounding YES!!!  Call or message today to get a great deal on your next dance or event!

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